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Are you looking for a reliable and comfortable 18-seater minibus for rent in Hyderabad for your next trip? Look no more than TaxiYatri, your go-to choice! We provide top-notch minibus rentals that take care of all your passenger transportation needs. Whether you have a wedding to plan, a corporate event to cater for, or a family outing, our wide range of top-notch minibuses is always ready to take you wherever you wish to go.

What are the reasons for hiring an 18-seater minibus rental in Hyderabad?

Whether you are planning to go to a wedding, attend an award function, sightseeing tours or corporate events, our 18-seater minibus rental in Hyderabad is the best choice for all occasions. With TaxiYatri, you can book a minibus rental at a cost that is lower than that of traditional car rentals and plane tickets through the ease that you will acquire. Say goodbye to the troubles of coordinating many cars or dealing with the restrictions of a public transport solution. Get a minibus with TaxiYatri now and for hassle-free travel.

Amenities provided on an 18-seater minibus rental in Hyderabad

With TaxiYatri, you get the minibus hire service in Hyderabad, you are sure to get nothing short of excellence as regards comfort and convenience. The fleet of our 18-seater minibus hire in Hyderabad has been fitted with several facilities in order to ensure a comfortable and pleasant ride for you and your fellow passengers.

Charging points: Keep your devices charged up during the trip.

Reading lights: Perfect for doing reading or getting some work done in the middle of the night.

Back compartment storage: Plenty of room to store your luggage and personal items safely.

Music system: Listen to your top songs along the way and stay amused on the road.

Emergency exits: Ensures safety and quick evacuation in case of any unforeseen situations.

Air conditioning: Keep cool and comfortable in even the hottest summers of Hyderabad.

Fastag: Reduced toll payments for a seamless travelling journey.

Adjustable seats: Tailor your seat to ensure maximum comfortability throughout the trip.

Mini Bus Price List In Hyderabad

Bus Type Bus Capacity Basic Price* Amenities Per Kilometer Rate
20 Seater Mini Bus 20 Seats ₹6500/- ✔AC ✔Led TV ✔Reading Light ✔Charging Points ✔Push-Back Seats ₹28/km
26 Seater Tempo Traveller 20 Seats ₹7500/- ✔AC ✔TV ✔Music System ✔Charging Points ₹35/km
30-35 Seater Bus 30 to 35 Seats ₹9500 ✔AC ✔Led TV ✔Music System ✔Reading Light ✔Charging Points ✔Push-back Seats ₹50/km
Tata Marcopolo Starline Non AC Bus 40 Seats ₹7500 ✔Music System ₹55/km
45 Seater Luxury Bus 45 Seats ₹12500 ✔Air-Suspension ✔AC ✔Led TV ✔Music System ✔Mic ✔Reading Light ✔Charging Points ✔Push-back Seats ₹60/km
49 Seater Luxury Bus 49 Seats ₹14500 ✔Air-Suspension ✔AC ✔Led TV ✔Music System ✔Mic ✔Reading Light ✔Charging Points ✔Push-back Seats ₹65/km
Luxury Sleeper Mini Bus 32 Seats and 21 Sleeper ₹18500 ✔Air-Suspension ✔AC ✔Led TV ✔Music System ✔Reading Light ✔Charging Points ✔Push-back Seats ✔Comfortable Beds ✔Blankets ₹75/km

Minimum Km Limit - 250Km


How to Book an 18-seater Minibus with TaxiYatri?

Booking an 18-seater vehicle for rent in Hyderabad with us is so easy and provides you with the required comfort and security.

TaxiYatri offers minibus booking that is speedy, simple and stress-free. So why wait? Book our Hyderabad 18-seater minibus rental today or get ready to have a great trip.

Enjoy the Peace of Mind and Convenience with TaxiYatri when you explore Hyderabad

Planning on a trip to Hyderabad? If you need a taxi in Hyderabad to move around, TaxiYatri is the solution. Whether it is a corporate outing, family vacation, or leisure tour, our 18-seater bus hire in Hyderabad is the ideal choice for all occasions. Here is what you need to know before booking with us:

AC or Non-AC Options: We provide an 18-seater sleeper bus for rent in Hyderabad with both air conditioning and without, so you can decide on an option which comfortable to use and affordable.

Experienced Drivers: Your safety is our number one goal. Our minibuses are endowed with qualified and experienced drivers to provide you with a comfortable and secure trip while touring the city of Hyderabad and its neighbourhood.

Flexible Seating: Our 18-seater Volvo bus rental in Hyderabad can accommodate people from 22 to 28 persons which makes them perfect for both small or large groups.

Easy Booking: With TaxiYatri, booking a ride is easy and simple. You can visit our website or contact us to book a minibus for a short duration. All the necessary information will be provided, including the vehicle number, in order to make the booking process smooth.

Affordable Rates: With rates from just INR 32 per kilometre our 18-seater Volvo bus for rent in Hyderabad is an economical choice for all your travel requirements.

Safety First: Your security is our first priority. We adhere to strict hygiene procedures.disinfecting our minibuses before each trip. Drivers and passengers have to put face masks on throughout the trip to protect everyone from any form of infection.

No Waiting for Public Transport: Looking for a convenient mode of travel without having to wait for unreliable public transportation? Get a minibus rental from TaxiYatri to make sure that you have a punctual ride and a convenient travel plan.

Do not let transportation difficulties hinder you. Book an 18-seater bus for rent in Hyderabad with Taxiyatri today and relish ultimate convenience, comfort, and affordability all the way!

Unfold the Wonders of Hyderabad with TaxiYatri

Whether it is from the awe-inspiring architecture to the busy markets, there will never be a lack of things to see and do in this lively city. Travelling with TaxiYatri will give you a thrilling experience to see Hyderabad and its circle. Here are some top places to visit:

Charminar: Charminar, an emblem representing the heritage of Hyderabad, is a must-see place when you are here. Admire its fascinating structures, scramble to the top for breathtaking views, and discover the thronging markets close by.

Golconda Fort: Step into the past and enjoy the breathtaking Golconda Fort, a great palace with quite an interesting story. Experience the play of lights on the walls of the complex and climb the ramparts, seeing the marvels of the city from above.

Qutub Shahi Tombs: Make a tribute to the rulers of the Qutub Shahi dynasty who are interred in these majestic tombs. Marvel at the meticulous carvings and peaceful ambience while walking through this ancient landmark.

Hussain Sagar Lake: Step out from the hustle-bustle of the city at Hussain Sagar Lake, a beautiful quiet spot in the heart of Hyderabad. Take a gentle boat trip, observe the huge Buddha statue, or just sit by the lake and enjoy the view.

Ramoji Film City: Become a part of cinematic magic at Ramoji Film City, the world's largest film studio complex. Experience its magnificent sets, watch movie scenes live, and have tremendous fun at the amusement park.

Salar Jung Museum: Step into the world of arts and culture as Salar Jung Museum has the largest collection of antiques in the world. Marvel at its historical precious artefacts like sculptures, paintings, and manuscripts.

Book Your 18-seater Minibus Today!

Are you ready to book 18-seater minibus in Hyderabad? As easy as it can be, just give us a call now and book your ride. Whether you are planning a local expedition in Hyderabad or setting up for an adventure to nearby locations, we are here to make your journey worthwhile and hassle-free. Pick TaxiYatri for any minibus rental in Hyderabad, and feel the difference on your own!


Q. What kind of vehicles do you rent out in Hyderabad?

We supply 18-seater minibuses, luxury minibuses, sleeper buses, and Volvo buses for rent in Hyderabad.

Q. How can I book an 18-seater minibus in Hyderabad?

You can book online through the website or app, or by calling us directly.

Q. How much is the 18-seater bus rate per km in Hyderabad?

Rates range, so please contact us for a custom quote.

Q. Can I get a sleeper bus on rent for my Hyderabad journey?

Of course, we also have 18-seater sleeper buses for night travel or long journeys.

Q. Can one book a Volvo bus with a seating capacity of 18 for Hyderabad?

Yes, we have Volvo 18-seater buses for rentals in Hyderabad as well.

Q. Do you offer an 18-seater luxury minibus for hire in Hyderabad?

Yes, we offer customized 18-seater minibuses for special events and corporate occasions.

Q. When should I book my minibus rental in Hyderabad in advance?

It is best to book in advance, but we can also take last-minute reservations if required.

Q. Can I get a driver in addition to the 18-seater minibus rental in Hyderabad?

Of course, you can hire a professional driver for more comfort.

Q. What are the luxury services that are offered in your 18-seater Volvo bus hire in Hyderabad?

Our minibuses are equipped with the features like air conditioning, convenience and music systems.

Q. Is an 18-seater minibus rental available in Hyderabad, including flexible rental terms?

Definitely, we offer flexible terms to meet your particular requirements and style.

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