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Book Tempo Traveller on Rent in Mumbai

The city of Mumbai, the state capital of Maharashtra and the most populous in India, is a thriving metropolis full of promise and opportunity. With a population of over 20 million, this city is among the world's most populated. The Gateway of India, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, and Taj Mahal Hotel are just a few of India's most famous landmarks that can be found in this city. Several significant organizations have their headquarters in Mumbai, including the Bombay Stock Exchange, the Reserve Bank of India, and the Tata Group. The Indian film business, more often referred to as Bollywood, has a significant hub in Mumbai as well. If you want to visit these places then book a tempo traveller on rent from TaxiYatri at lowest price.

Have a Stress-Free Family Holiday Trip with the Best Tempo Traveller in Mumbai

One of the most convenient and distinctive ways to travel in Mumbai is by hiring a tempo traveller. You may hire tempo traveller rental in Mumbai at an affordable rate, and it will reliably bring you to your destination on time and without incident. Find the perfect luxury tempo traveller on rent in Mumbai for a stress-free family vacation right here! With TaxiYatri tempo traveller Mumbai, you may go anywhere in comfort and luxury. Renting a 12 seater tempo traveller Mumbai is convenient for people doing an extended trip with friends or relatives.

Mall shopping is where Mumbai really shines, making it one of the city's most exciting attractions. TaxiYatri website makes it easy to book tempo traveller Mumbai, so you can take your family on a trip with a few taps on our website or a quick phone call.

Visit Film City and stuff your face with lip-smacking Street cuisine by renting a luxury tempo traveller in Mumbai. Want to go outside of Mumbai and visit Pune, Lonavala, or Matheran? Hire Outstation tempo traveller in Mumbai,for an out-of-town trip will bethe safest, most convenient, and most opulent.TaxiYatri offers tempo travellers with capacities ranging from 9 seats to 26 seats. Every passenger enjoys the services of courteous and well-informed drivers, spacious vehicles with plenty of legroom, and the highest standards of comfort. Booking a traveller in Mumbaiin advance or on the spot is equally relaxing. You may do this by using the TaxiYatri website or by calling the company's customer service 9818022687, which is accessible around the clock, every day of the year. TaxiYatri’s Online tempo traveller booking in Mumbai is easy.

Types of Tempo Traveller for Rent in Mumbai

Compact 9- and 12-Seater Temp Traveller:

It is recommended that a party of 10 individuals traveling to Pune from Mumbai use a tempo traveller rather than driving in their own automobiles. There is plenty of space to stretch out in these tempo travellers.

Medium14- and 16-Seater Tempo Traveller:

The Tempo Travellers is just the right size for a modest-sized workplace party or a group of students going on a tour of a local factory. The elegance and cost of the trip determine whether the Tempo Travellers are air-conditioned or not for this size.

Massive 26-Passenger Tempo Traveller:

The best trips are the ones you take with your crew, whether it is family or friends. These fast-moving, long-distance travellers are used for this specific function. In Mumbai, you may rent opulent tempo travellers with TVs and stereos throughout the vehicle. These large-tempo travellers provide plenty of room for you and your friends to stretch out and enjoy the sights.

Tempo Traveller Fare or Price List In Mumbai

Tempo Traveller Price / K.M. Seating Driver Charge Book Here
9 Seater ₹25/- 8+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
10 Seater ₹26/- 9+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
11 Seater ₹26/- 10+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
12 Seater ₹27/- 11+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
13 Seater ₹27/- 12+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
14 Seater ₹27/- 13+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
15 Seater ₹28/- 14+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
16 Seater ₹28/- 15+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
17 Seater ₹28/- 16+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
18 Seater ₹28/- 17+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
19 Seater ₹29/- 18+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
20 Seater ₹30/- 19+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
21 Seater ₹32/- 20+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
22 Seater ₹32/- 21+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
23 Seater ₹34/- 22+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
24 Seater ₹34/- 23+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
25 Seater ₹36/- 24+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now
26 Seater ₹36/- 25+1-D 500/- Per Day Call Now

Minimum Km Limit - 250Km


Access to Timely Pickup and Drop-offs Options:

It's better to come early than late, in most instances. So, if you need a speedy pick-up and delivery in Mumbai, book your tempo traveller in advance. Their services are the most reliable option for getting to the airport in a hurry.

Advantages of Using TaxiYatri to Hire a Tempo Traveller

As quick and trustworthy tempo traveller hiring grows more widespread, fewer people will require their own car. If you need a large passenger van in Mumbai, renting a tempo traveller rather than owning and maintaining your own car is the way to go. Take a look at the following list of advantages of tempo traveller hire in Mumbai:

Assistance Available at Any Hour:

If you need a quick and easy way to get around Mumbai, just call our tempo transport service. This gives you the freedom to hire them for whenever suits you best. If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation, hiring a tempo traveller to get you out is a great idea. After reserving a late-night tempo traveller, you may travel worry-free. The chauffeurs will keep a close eye out for any potential dangers and make sure you have a relaxing ride to your final destination.

Affordable Pricing:

Finding and reserving the best tempo traveller rental in Mumbai won't set you back an exorbitant sum of money. However, it will cost more than a rail ticket would. Because of how nice it is to ride in, this tempo traveller is the ideal alternative for hire in Mumbai. Having your own method of transportation may give you a feeling of freedom and independence in addition to the comfort and familiarity that comes with driving a car you purchased yourself. Tempo traveller price in Mumbai is comparatively low than in most of the cities. For example, you can also compare the 20-seater tempo traveller price in Mumbai.

Advanced Drivers:

Tempo traveller rentals in Mumbai are restricted to only licensed drivers. Given that they prioritize safety and would like a streamlined process. They are very knowledgeable and adept, and they know their way around every nook of Mumbai. They are wonderful upstanding members of society, so you can be certain that your trip with this tempo traveller will go off without a hitch. Your chauffeur will get you there as soon as possible and in as much safety as the law allows, should an emergency arise.

Inter State Road Tax

Type of Vehicles Tamilnadu  Kerala Andhra / Telangana Goa  Pondicherry Maharashtra
Per Head In Buses (Per/S) (Per/S 650) (Per/S 400) (Per/S 400) (Per/S 300) 2Days (Per/S 250) (Per/S 400)
Dzire/Etios Rs. 500/- Rs. 1500/- Rs. 1000/- Rs. 1500/- Rs. 500/- Rs. 1500/-
INNOVA (6+1) Rs. 1000/- Rs. 2000/- Rs. 1500/- Rs. 3000/- Rs. 750/- Rs. 2500/-
INNOVA (7+1) Rs. 1200/- Rs. 3500/- Rs. 2500/- Rs. 3000/- Rs. 750/- Rs. 3500/-
12 Seater Rs. 1500/- Rs. 5500/- Rs. 3500/- Rs. 5000/- Rs. 1000/- Rs. 8500/-
16 Seater Rs. 5000/- Rs. 9000/- **** Rs. 8500/- Rs. 3500/- Rs. 10000/-
21 Seater Rs. 5000/- Rs. 9500/- Rs. 10500/- Rs. 8500/- Rs. 3500/- Rs. 10000/-
25 Seater Rs. 7000/- Rs. 10000/- Rs. 12500/- Rs. 9500/- Rs. 4000/- Rs. 10000/-
32 Seater Rs. 21000/- Rs. 11500/- Rs. 14000/- Rs. 10500/- Rs. 8000/- Rs. 13500/-
35 Seater Rs. 25000/- Rs. 15500/- Rs. 15000/- Rs. 11000/- Rs. 9000/- Rs. 14500/-
40 Seater Rs. 26000/- Rs. 17000/- Rs. 16500/- Rs. 12000/- Rs. 10000/- Rs. 16000/-
45 Seater Rs. 30500/- Rs. 18000/- Rs. 17500/- Rs. 13500/- Rs. 11500/- Rs. 18000/-
49 Seater Rs. 33000/- Rs. 20000/- Rs. 20000/- Rs. 15000/- Rs. 12500/- Rs. 20000/-

Travel Travellers Come in a Range of Sizes

FAQs on Tempo Traveller in Mumbai

Q. If I want to use Tempo Travellers, how long should I wait before making a reservation?

Ans. In a flash, you may book and use a tempo traveller with TaxiYatri. Hiring a tempo traveller in Mumbai does not need prior reservations.

Q. Is tempo traveller booking Mumbai pricy?

Ans. No! Certainly not! Actually, reserving a tempo traveller is less expensive than reserving two or three individual automobiles for the journey. A quick quotation is only a phone call away at 9818022687.

Q. To what extent am I responsible for a cancellation fee if I decide to cancel my reservation after making a payment?

Ans. Nil! You did not misread it. You will not be charged anything if you need to cancel your TaxiYatri ride.

Q. In what ways are you protected from any hidden fees when you book with Tempo Traveller?

Ans. Booking tempo traveller on rent in Mumbai via TaxiYatri includes all fees (such as those for the driver, the fuel, and the GST). Our costs do not cover the cost of tolls or parking.

Some Popular Tempo Traveller Services in Most Metro City

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