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Book Affordable Shirdi Tour Package With TaxiYatri

Shirdi, a sacred town in Maharashtra, India, is renowned as the abode of the beloved saint, ShirdiSai Baba. Pilgrims from all over the world visit this spiritual destination to seek blessings and experience the divine aura. Why not explore this divine place with your family and create lasting memories?

Get the best Shirdi tour package from Mumbai with TaxiYatri, we offer reliable travel services to Shirdi, catering to the needs of pilgrims and tourists. With a fleet of well-maintained vehicles, they ensure a comfortable and hassle-free journey. TaxiYatri drivers are experienced and courteous, providing a safe and pleasant travel experience with our exciting Shirdi tour package.

Explore Shirdi Sightseeing Places With TaxiYatri Tour Package

Are you looking for bangalore to shirdi tour package? End your search for it because we are here to serve you well.

Time Duration: Our full-day tour package allows you to immerse yourself in the spiritual charm of Shirdi for 12 hours. From morning till evening, you can explore the town at your own pace, without worrying about time constraints.

Distance Covered: With TaxiYatri, you can comfortably cover a distance of 120 km during your full-day tour. We ensure a smooth and comfortable ride in our well-maintained vehicles, so you can relax and focus on soaking in the spiritual atmosphere of Shirdi.

What You Get in Our Full-Day Package:

Flexible Itinerary: Tailor your own itinerary and visit the significant landmarks of Shirdi based on your preferences. Whether it's the holy shrine of Sai Baba, Gurusthan, Dwarkamai Masjid, or Chavadi, you have the freedom to explore Shirdi at your own pace.

Experienced Drivers: Our skilled and courteous drivers are well-versed with the routes and will guide you through the town, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey. They will share interesting insights and stories about Shirdi, enhancing your overall experience.

Comfortable Vehicles: Travel in style and comfort with our fleet of well-maintained cabs. We offer a range of options to suit your group size and preferences, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride throughout your full-day tour.

Personalized Assistance: Our dedicated customer support team is available round the clock to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have during your journey. We strive to provide excellent service and make your trip to Shirdi truly memorable.

Shirdi Local Sightseeing Package for Half Day

We also provide Half day Shirdi tour and Shirdi tour packages from Hyderabad, so get any at your convenience. Even if you are looking for Shirdi tour package from Coimbatore we got you.

Discover the spiritual wonders of Shirdi in a half-day excursion with TaxiYatri Shirdi local sightseeing package. We understand that time is precious, and we have tailored this package to offer you a fulfilling experience within a shorter duration.

Distance Covered: Our half-day tour covers a distance of approximately 60-80 km. You can comfortably explore the key attractions of Shirdi without feeling rushed, ensuring a leisurely and enriching journey.

Time Flexibility: Our half-day package allows you to have a flexible schedule. Whether you're on a tight itinerary or prefer a shorter excursion, you can make the most of your limited time while still exploring the key attractions of Shirdi.

Ideal for Short Trips: If you are in Shirdi for a quick visit or have other commitments, the half-day package perfectly suits your needs. It enables you to make the most of your limited time, ensuring a memorable experience even if you have time constraints.

Lesser Crowds: As the half-day Shirdi tour plan is relatively shorter, you can explore the attractions during off-peak hours, reducing the crowd and allowing for a more peaceful and serene visit. This enables you to connect with the spiritual vibes of Shirdi in a more intimate setting.

Shirdi Sightseeing Tour Packages for 2 and 3 days

Duration: Our 2 and 3-day Shirdi family tour packages allow you to fully immerse yourself in the spiritual ambience of Shirdi. Spend quality time exploring the town's treasures, engaging in soulful experiences, and connecting with the divine energy.

Distance Covered: During the course of 2 or 3 days, our packages cover a comfortable distance of up to 200 km. This ensures that you can explore not only Shirdi but also nearby attractions or destinations of significance without feeling rushed.

What You Get with Our Exclusive Packages:

Premium Accommodation: Elevate your stay with our handpicked selection of luxury

Premium Accommodation: Elevate your stay with our handpicked selection of luxury accommodations. Experience the utmost comfort and indulge in impeccable hospitality, creating a serene and rejuvenating retreat throughout your journey.

Expert Guide: Our packages include the services of a knowledgeable guide who will accompany you throughout your pilgrimage. They will provide insightful information about Shirdi's history, spiritual significance, and local customs with our Shirdi local tour packages, enhancing your understanding and enriching your experience.

VIP Darshan: Gain exclusive access to special VIP darshans at the revered Sai Baba Temple, ensuring a seamless and expedited experience. Skip the queues and savour the tranquil moments in the presence of Sai Baba's divine presence.

Spiritual Retreats and Activities: Immerse yourself in soulful activities such as meditation sessions, satsangs, and spiritual discourses. Connect with like-minded individuals, participate in uplifting rituals, and experience a sense of inner peace and tranquility.

Sightseeing Places in Shirdi

Witness the serenity of Sai Baba Temple, delve into the historic significance of Dwarkamai Mosque, and immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Lendi Garden. Experience divinity at every step in the enchanting town of Shirdi.

Best Places to visit in Shirdi in 2024

Top Most Places to visit around Shirdi in 2023

How To Reach Shirdi via Airplane, Railways & Cab

Airplane: Shirdi is conveniently accessible by air through the Shirdi Airport, also known as the Shirdi International Airport. Located just 14 km from the town, it offers regular domestic flights connecting Shirdi to major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. The airport provides a quick and hassle-free option for those seeking to reach Shirdi swiftly.

Railway: Shirdi is well-connected by rail with the Shirdi Railway Station, located approximately 3 km from the town centre. Several trains from different parts of the country pass through this station, making it a convenient mode of transportation for travellers. The railway station is equipped with basic amenities and facilitates easy access to Shirdi for visitors arriving by train.

Cabs: Opting for cabs is the most easy, hassle-free and most reliable way to reach Shirdi. TaxiYatri offers seamless transportation services, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free journey. With a wide range of well-maintained vehicles and experienced drivers, TaxiYatri with our Shirdi car package guarantees a safe and pleasant travel experience. Our dedicated drivers are knowledgeable about the routes and provide personalized assistance, making your journey to Shirdi a memorable one. Choose TaxiYatri for a stress-free and enjoyable trip to the spiritual abode of Shirdi.

FAQs on Shirdi Taxi Tour Package

How do I reach Shirdi from other cities?

Shirdi can be reached by air through the Shirdi International Airport, by train via the Shirdi Railway Station, or by booking a comfortable cab with TaxiYatri.

What is the nearest airport to Shirdi?

The nearest airport to Shirdi is the Shirdi International Airport, located just 14 km away, offering regular domestic flights to major cities.

How far is the railway station from Shirdi?

The Shirdi Railway Station has located approximately 3 km from the town centre, providing easy access for travellers arriving by train.

How long does it take to reach Shirdi by train?

The travel duration to reach Shirdi by train varies depending on the origin, but there are several convenient train options available.

Are there taxi services available in Shirdi?

A: Yes, TaxiYatri provides reliable and comfortable taxi services in Shirdi, ensuring a smooth and convenient travel experience.

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