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Jaipur indeed a city of traditions, attracts tourist to roam around beautiful palaces and explore the rich cultural heritage . It is worth to take out some time from  busy schedule and find the best Taxi in jaipur for a wonderful trip along with the family members. Yes, you have landed at the correct page where professionals cab driver helps in weaving the memory about city. It is worthless if you just visit the city without knowing any historical importance of place. It is the time to add more values to trip and get awesome Taxi service in Jaipur from the door of excellence.

We provide excellent Cab service in jaipur that you enjoy the complete tour at the best of experience. It creates the best memory when professional hand joins you in whole journey and ensures safety, security and availability of things all the way. You can truly enjoy a trip or a vacation when an excellent Car rental in jaipur supports the journey that you get complete extract of the tour at its best. So, at the end of day, you should share best moments of excellent trip with besties or have satisfaction that hassle-free achieved the life goal.

One-way trip and rates

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Jaipur to Delhi
Compact-Rs.2050 | Sedan-Rs.2260 | SUV-Rs.3450
Taxi Min 262Km
Jaipur to Ajmer
Compact-Rs.1750 | Sedan-Rs.1970 | SUV-Rs.2650
Taxi Min 135 Km
Jaipur to JODHPUR
Compact-Rs.4145 | Sedan-Rs.4398 | SUV-Rs.4855
Taxi Min 335 Km
Jaipur to Mathura
Compact-Rs.2597 | Sedan-Rs.2661 | SUV-Rs.3563
Taxi Min 221 Km
Jaipur to Biknar
Compact-Rs.5160 | Sedan-Rs.5360 | SUV-Rs.7850
Taxi Min 335 Km
Jaipur to Chittorgarh
Compact-Rs.4326 | Sedan-Rs.4450 | SUV-Rs.6798
Taxi Min 310 Km
Jaipur to Dausa
Compact-Rs.1350 | Sedan-Rs.1450 | SUV-Rs.1850
Taxi Min 60 Km
Jaipur to Nagaur
Compact-Rs.3276 | Sedan-Rs.3490 | SUV-Rs.5148
Taxi Min 234 Km
Jaipur to Gurugram
Compact-Rs,1950 | Sedan-Rs.2160 | SUV-Rs.3450
Taxi Min 243 Km
Jaipur to Puskar
Compact-Rs.1850 | Sedan-Rs.2050 | SUV-Rs.2950
Taxi Min 143 Km
Jaipur to Khatu Syam
Compact-Rs.1550 | Sedan-Rs.1650 | SUV-Rs.2250
Taxi Min 82 Km
Jaipur to KOTA
Compact-Rs.2350 | Sedan-Rs.2750 | SUV-Rs.3450
Taxi Min 262 Km
Jaipur to Bhilwara
Compact-Rs.3690 | Sedan-Rs.3936 | SUV-Rs.5904
Taxi Min 246 Km
Jaipur to Pilani
Compact-Rs.3150 | Sedan-Rs.3275 | SUV-Rs.4950
Taxi Min 250 Km
Jaipur to Gwalior
Compact-Rs.4648 | Sedan-Rs.4980 | SUV-Rs.7304
Taxi Min 664 Km
Jaipur to Kishangarh
Compact-Rs.1570 | Sedan-Rs.1680 | SUV-Rs.2350
Taxi Min 110 Km
Jaipur to Agra
Compact-Rs.2250 | Sedan-Rs.2399 | SUV-Rs.3450
Taxi Min 238 Km
Jaipur to Udaipur
Compact-Rs.3500 | Sedan-Rs.3650 | SUV-Rs.3950
Taxi Min 393 Km
Jaipur to Salasar
Compact-Rs.2350 | Sedan-Rs.2480 | SUV-Rs.3350
Taxi Min 171 Km
Jaipur to Noida
Compact-Rs.2971 | Sedan-Rs.3156 | SUV-Rs.3775
Min 282 Km
Jaipur to Bharatpur
Compact-Rs.1950 | Sedan-Rs.2150 | SUV-Rs.3450
Min 185 Km
Jaipur to Tonk
Compact-Rs.1550 | Sedan-Rs.1625 | SUV-Rs.2500
Min 110 Km
Jaipur to Jaisalmer
Compact-Rs.7840 | Sedan-Rs.8400 | SUV-Rs.12320
Min 560 Km
Jaipur to Ranthambore
Compact-Rs.2466 | Sedan-Rs.2660 | SUV-Rs.3300
Min 190 Km
Airport Pickup/Drop

Choose Your Car

Jaipur to Jaipur Airport
Compact-Rs.550 | Sedan-Rs.550 | Ertiga-Rs.750 | Innova-Rs.900
Jaipur Airport to Jaipur
Compact-Rs.500 | Sedan-Rs.550 | Ertiga-Rs.750 | Innova-Rs.900
Jaipur Amer Fort to Airport
Compact-Rs.600 | Sedan-Rs.750 | SUV-Rs.900