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Bus Rental in Jaipur

Jaipur is many things, but not limited to magical, mystical, and entrancing. One of India's most charming and rapidly rising towns is a treat for connoisseurs since it bridges its long and illustrious past with its forward-looking orientation. Every traveller should have Jaipur on their itinerary because of its vibrant culture, endearing character, and plenty of chances for business, education, and housing. It is also a popular location for luxurious celebrity weddings and conferences for the corporate world. Visitors take great pleasure in gazing over the region's historic palaces, magnificently designed public parks, ancient forts, spacious roadways, and general orderliness. Hence, if you are going to be travelling with a large group, it is highly recommended that you book a Jaipur bus service.

Why Hire a Mini Bus for Rent Jaipur?

Luxury mini bus hire Jaipur has recently gained popularity as a practical means of transportation in and around. Whether for work or play, there are plenty of valid reasons to charter a minibus hire Jaipur. For a family gathering, for instance, you may need to arrange transportation for guests. A Volvo bus hire in Jaipur might also be useful for a picnic, either in or out of town. It's also possible to be a business owner who needs transportation services for personnel going to and from the office, on a corporate outing, to a business conference, etc. Sightseeing is by far the most popular reason for hiring buses in Jaipur. A Jaipur travels bus is a convenient alternative to hiring many cars to carry a large number of people who need to travel the same route or to the same location. Luxury mini bus on rent in Jaipur is an easy, affordable, and environmentally friendly alternative to driving your own vehicle.

Mini bus booking in Jaipur typically has a capacity of no more than 22, thus it is important to know that number when making a reservation. Larger groups may reserve numerous minibuses or a 45- or 50-passenger Volvo bus rental in Jaipur.

You may choose from a number of bus rental in Jaipur. A large number of them, however, lack the required level of expertise. It's possible that offline bus reservations may cost more and have less favourable transit conditions. Go no farther than TaxiYatri if you value upfront pricing, affordable prices, convenient online booking, and a well-maintained Jaipur bus.

Benefits of TaxiYatri Jaipur Bus Booking

We provide transparent, online pricing that includes everything you need. When you reserve the Luxury bus rental in Jaipur with us, you won't have any problems. Our luxury bus hire Jaipur has certain advantages:

Rates List / Fare of Luxury Bus Booking in Jaipur

Bus Type Bus Capacity Basic Price* Amenities Per Kilometer Rate
20 Seater Mini Bus 20 Seats ₹6500/- ✔AC ✔Led TV ✔Reading Light ✔Charging Points ✔Push-Back Seats ₹28/km
26 Seater Tempo Traveller 20 Seats ₹7500/- ✔AC ✔TV ✔Music System ✔Charging Points ₹35/km
30-35 Seater Bus 30 to 35 Seats ₹9500 ✔AC ✔Led TV ✔Music System ✔Reading Light ✔Charging Points ✔Push-back Seats ₹50/km
Tata Marcopolo Starline Non AC Bus 40 Seats ₹7500 ✔Music System ₹55/km
45 Seater Luxury Bus 45 Seats ₹12500 ✔Air-Suspension ✔AC ✔Led TV ✔Music System ✔Mic ✔Reading Light ✔Charging Points ✔Push-back Seats ₹60/km
49 Seater Luxury Bus 49 Seats ₹14500 ✔Air-Suspension ✔AC ✔Led TV ✔Music System ✔Mic ✔Reading Light ✔Charging Points ✔Push-back Seats ₹65/km
Luxury Sleeper Mini Bus 32 Seats and 21 Sleeper ₹18500 ✔Air-Suspension ✔AC ✔Led TV ✔Music System ✔Reading Light ✔Charging Points ✔Push-back Seats ✔Comfortable Beds ✔Blankets ₹75/km

TaxiYatri Makes several Buses Accessible to its Customers

TaxiYatri in Jaipur maintains a broad selection of buses in its fleet to cater to each client's specific needs. In Jaipur, TaxiYatri provides a wide variety of luxury buses such as Volvo buses on rent. These are some varieties of the buses that we rent out to tourists and other passengers in Jaipur so that you can get a better idea of what we provide.

Mercedes bus on rent in Jaipur
In addition to the regular buses, TaxiYatri also helps you hire a Mercedes bus in Jaipur if you are interested in traveling in the lap of luxury.

Note –
In addition to this, TaxiYatri also rents bus hire for outstation Jaipur if you want to visit nearby places in Jaipur.

FAQs on Volvo Bus Hire on Rent In Jaipur

How do I rent a Jaipur bus service?

To rent a bus in Jaipur, you must go to first. Here, a Booking Inquiry Form will pop up. Fill it out with valid and correct information. You can call us at +91-9818022687 or send us an email at if you have any problems or want more information.

How much does it cost for bus booking in Jaipur?

It all depends on what kind of bus you book, how many seats you need, what services you want, when and how long you want to travel, and where you want to go. Call+91-9818022687 to talk to our staff.

What kinds of buses can be rented?

We can help you book a bus rental service in Jaipur that fits your needs and the time of year. We have four different kinds of buses, including Volvo buses and deluxe buses. There are AC bus hire in Jaipur and Non A/C buses too.

Some Popular Routes From Jaipur

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