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In the Delhi context, rental car services are key components of transport in the city. This is because, apart from offering the gap between riding in the city and that last-mile connection, they give both residents and visitors the freedom to make their choices on a medium of transport they prefer and go via their own intended route. Are you out gathering wild food or other sources of food for your family? Perhaps it is for life or death, or is it for an everyday commute? Though it might be different from one person to another, a Delhi car rental service is unanimously the most comfortable, convenient, and speedy one. They could be both fast and slow, used for long-distance or short-distance riding, and could have several purposes. The purpose of this is that commuters during rush hours in a busy city like Delhi can receive excellent transportation that is both safe and dependable at any time of the day. Consequently, car rental services have a huge impact on making traveling journeys in the capital city of India a better and more lively experience.

Taxiyatri facility for car rental in Delhi:

Transportation Options: Delhi, which is a large and busy city, needs to develop a kind of transportation that will be reliable and viable.

Last-Mile Connectivity: Although Delhi is well-equipped with a strong network of public transport that comprises metro trains, buses, and auto-rickshaws, car rentals offer verse-mile connectivity, which is usually not provided by such public transport.

Tourism: Delhi is a place that tourists visit for, a lot of historical landmarks, cultural sites, and markets. Toursit often book the car rental services to enjoy the city's sightseeing tours at their own pace.

Business Travel: Delhi, like many cities, has business activities as one of its main enterprises. This goes hand in hand with conferences and meetings. Service car rentals are of the essence to business travelers, as the car rental services give them the freedom to move around the city for meetings and appointments.

Comfort and Convenience: One of the great things about car rental service in Delhi is that it provides a distinctively easy and cozy experience, especially for people with luggage and family members. People try to escape the indirectness and congestion driving the public transport system and opt for private, comfortable travel modes.

Accessibility: Car rental services have wide availability in Delhi, with many rental agencies and options to choose from, which visitors can benefit from as there are rental counters at major points in the city, at airports, railway stations, and along the main traffic routes in several key areas.

Safety: The ones who travel may also compare using car rentals in Delhi to be a safer option for late-night traveling and new towns, comparing it to using public transit or taxi hailing.

Car Rental Fare Details in Delhi

Vehicle Type Airport Rental with in City Outstation
Pick/Drop 8Hr 80KM* 12Hr 120KM* Per Km
Indica ₹700 ₹1,500 ₹1,800 ₹11
Indigo ₹750 ₹1,600 ₹1,900 ₹11
Swift Dzire ₹800 ₹1,700 ₹2,000 ₹11.5
Honda Amaze/ ₹850 ₹1,800 ₹2,200 ₹12.5
Mobilio / Ertiga ₹900 ₹1,950 ₹2,450 ₹14.5
Toyota Innova ₹1,100 ₹2,050 ₹2,850 ₹18
Toyota Crysta ₹1,200 ₹2,250 ₹3,050 ₹19
Honda City ₹1,500 ₹2,600 ₹3,400 ₹19
Tempo Traveller ₹2,000 ₹3,250 ₹4,250 ₹29
Mini Bus - - - Rs.30

Driver Charges (After 10PM): Rs.250

GST 5% Extra Paid By Customer

oll Tax , State Tax Extra Paid by Customer

Outstation: Min. 250KM / Day

Why travelers hire cars in Delhi:

Convenient Booking Process: Our user-friendly booking platform is designed to offer extreme convenience, making it easy to book a car either online or through our customer service. Whether you do want to be a better early or latecomer, we have other variants that will suit your needs.

Excellent Customer Service: We are very concerned about the quality of work and are ready to do more than what is required so that customers are not only satisfied; but happy with what they get. Our team of professional and caring staff will be happy to help at any time you need it with any misunderstandings or questions you have.

Flexible Rental Options: At your convenience, your trip can be for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, or even a longer duration. It all depends on your travel timeframe. Furthermore, pick-up location and drop-off location decisions can be personal, based on the most convenient option.

Well-Maintained Vehicles: The Prism fleet is equipped with well-serviced and regularly maintained cars, in return, reliability, safety, and comfort will be assured to you on your trip. We would like you to feel happy about your decision to travel with us; hence, we maintain clean and well-appearing cars, which would enhance your journey experience.

Additional Services: Moreover, we would probably desire the provision of secondary services like GPS navigation, chauffeur service, and insurance coverage to make the convenience and peace of mind of you in the motorist's seat even better.

Local Expertise: Being provided with our original, detailed information on Delhi and its vicinity will not only help you with your travel convenience but will also make it special. We will recommend and give you the insight you need, whether you are traveling for tourism, business, or pleasure.

Using our car rental service in Delhi is a very good choice because it gives you the highest level of assistance and pleasure. We have a decent fleet of well-kept cars, lower prices, easy options for time and location booking, and excellent service— summed up, with these, we can meet our customer's needs.The cheapest car rental in Delhi includes these facilities:

Competitive Rates: Competitive monthly rental rates are available, which ensures that customers will not be charged exorbitantly for thriving in an environment where quality of service and vehicle selection are not compromised. A transparent pricing policy that saves you from having any hidden fee or surprise without you being aware of it is what we offer.

Wide Range of Vehicles: Our fleet consists of a range of well-maintained vehicles that, at the same time, are of various models. Whether it is a sporty ride or a luxurious one, we ensure to offer a solution that will sail well with your expectations.

Flexible Rental Terms: We know that targeting customers' needs, as unique as they are, is essential. Renting out furniture is to us the same thing as to buyers; therefore, we devise flexible rental periods that will be suitable for you. Whether you are renting the car from us for a month or plan to rent for a longer period, we have that flexible course in place to make your schedule and usage plans effortless for you.

Convenience: The convenience of the automated reservation system, which we employ, will make it highly convenient for customers to make their car rentals for the upcoming season online. We offer an appointment system through our booking links on-site or customer representatives by email or phone, and any processes will be managed smoothly to ensure a hassle-free booking until the finish line.

Taxiyatri is the best car rental company in Delhi:

TaxiYatri in Delhi caters to passenger car hire, which comes with several noteworthy benefits and merits. With a fleet ranging from private to luxury cars in Delhi, free price quotes, concerned booking methods, adjustable rental conditions, and excellent client service, people will have a nice time here. A combination of safe flights, reliability, and customer satisfaction will be the icing on the cake to advocate their service delivery. Besides, TaxiYatri's orientation towards providing customers with additional services and using local knowledge portrays to the visitors of Delhi that they understand that needs and wishes are unique to everyone. The TaxiYatri Neon hence emerges even as a trusted and reliable option where car rentals are concerned, and therefore they turn out to be the first choice option for such residents in the city looking for a means of transportation solution.

Car rental benefits offered by Taxiyatri:

Wide Selection of Vehicles: By carpooling with multiple people, TaxiYatri ensures that travelers have a wide choice of vehicles to select from- from cheaper economy cars in this segment to beautiful, swanky sedans and SUVs in the luxury section. In this way, customers will be able to choose the right vehicle for them from a wide range of offers that meet a specific demand.

Competitive Pricing: TaxiYatri makes sure that its price is cheap and clear, so no one knows how much they should pay for a good service. Customers needn't be apprehensive about paying the right price since TaxiYatri offers fair deals to all in comparison to car rental alternatives.

Flexible Rental Options: TaxiYatri offers flexible rental rules that provide options for short-term and longer rentals, as well as hourly or daily rentals and customized tailored packages crafted with personal needs in mind. Because there is a choice based on rental duration and the features that suit the customers well, this makes the company result-oriented.

Excellent Customer Service: At TaxiYatri, the first thought in our minds is always to achieve our clients’ satisfaction. Customer care is provided here by a staff that is always smiling and giving explanations, It deals with issues like inquiries, lead generation, and any problem that could occur throughout the renting period, thereby guaranteeing customers a pleasant experience from the beginning to the end of their rental period.

One-way car rental Delhi services for travelers:

One-way car rental services in Delhi provide tourists the opportunity to lessen stress and worry when on the road, as car rental is a convenient, flexible, and cost-efficient mode of transportation. By having travelers choose the re-positioning of their vehicle from one city to another, one-way car rentals save time and energy, making them very convenient for people with specific plans or who want to explore different scenes in different cities. Furthermore, it provides the freedom to take any number of different routes, sites, and scenic sites throughout the trip, which certainly makes it captivating. Renting a car at a one-way car rental in Delhi means that you have all the amenities like ease, comfort, and privacy, and you can also choose how you want to customize your travel itinerary based on your village schedule, thus making your travel to India a memorable and satisfying one.

Enjoy luxury car rental services in Delhi:

Delhi-based luxury car rental services provide a wide variety of top-quality cars, luxurious interiors, and advanced technology, an upgrade from their comfort and fun ride experience. engrossed by the services that luxury car rentals offer to travelers in Delhi. This means travelers will have the privilege of exploring the city in a posh and private way. The fleet comprising of eminent brands' luxury cars provides the necessary enjoyment of effortless comfort, stylish decorum, and an upscale lifestyle for travelers On this occasion, whether it is a special, business, or leisure one, his luxury rental would let you make a grand statement as you drive down in style. These companies distinguish themselves from their competitors by providing premium services that include personalized attention, details, and, in some cases, a high level of exclusivity for their customers. Ultimately, luxurious car rental services take traveling to a higher level by churning out the unthinkable experience throughout the busy Delhi streets and most of its vibrant surroundings.

Route Compact Sedan SUV
Delhi to Haridwar Rs.2,571 Rs.2,710 Rs.3,362
Delhi to Rishikesh Rs.2,911 Rs.3,110 Rs.3,950
Delhi to Dehradun Rs.2,890 Rs.3,375 Rs.4,450
Delhi to Chandigarh Rs.2,970 Rs.3,370 Rs.4,490
Delhi to Jaipur Rs.2,650 Rs.2,850 Rs.4,341
Delhi to Shimla Rs.4,850 Rs.5,053 Rs.5,450
Delhi to Jim Corbett Rs.4,150 Rs.4,253 Rs.4,650
Delhi to Kullu Manali Rs.4,950 Rs.5,253 Rs.5,650
Delhi to Mussoorie Rs.3,750 Rs.4,050 Rs.4,950
Delhi to Mohali Rs.2,970 Rs.3,270 Rs.3,850
Delhi to Mathura Rs.1,950 Rs.2,150 Rs.2,750
Delhi to Agra Rs.2,150 Rs.2,350 Rs.3,362
Delhi to Lucknow Rs.5,800 Rs.6,400 Rs.7,200
Delhi to Ajmer Rs.3,850 Rs.4,150 Rs.5,360


1.Besides the cars, what other vehicles can be found in Delhi for rent?

Ans: The City of Delhi often gets varied cars offered by car rental companies; the vehicles are of different types, e.g.: economy cars, sedans, SUVs, luxury cars, vans, and buses. One will find executive cars to specialty vehicles, including short-term or long-term rentals, as per the plan availability.

2. Can you please tell me if there are other fees apart from the booking fee if I have to rent a car in Delhi?

Ans: Yes, in Delhi, you might expect to pay extra - fees, taxes, insurance, fuel surcharges, and airport charges—for the rental of a car. You should be sure when inquiring about additional fees to know if there are any hidden charges. These charges can be a surprise when you finally rent the car.

3: Is it possible to rent a car meant only for the one-way direction in Delhi?

Ans: Definitely, many car rentals in Delhi provide a one-way rental service where customers can pick up the car from one place and return it to another. On the other hand, there usually are more fees or limitations in one-way rental; thus, the vehicle rental company should be contacted for more details before booking a rental.

4: What should I do in case of an untoward occurrence or a hitch in the middle of driving a rental car in Delhi, in the meantime?

Ans: Make sure that, in case of a breakdown or emergency, you contact the rental car company as fast as possible for help and support. By the rule of thumb, an overwhelming percentage of rental providers recommend roadside assistance services. In such situations, customers do not need to worry. Besides, you must find out the evacuation and emergency telephone numbers that the local rental company left for you before starting your trip.

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