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The real essence of Nawab culture depicted in the lifestyle of Lucknow people. The way they communicate gives wipe of something belonging from the great empire that is the city of Nawab called Lucknow.

Taxiyatri shows its presence in the city of nawab by offering the Taxi service in Lucknow in just one booking or call. We appreciate people’s emotions towards their religion and provide Cab in Lucknow at very attractive prices. There are famous monuments briefing history of India for long time, standing bravely, seems like narrating an era. Some of the famous places such as Bara Imambara, Hazratganz market, Lucknow Zoo, Dr. Ambedkar park are worth to visit in life. Taxiyatri provides the best experience when book Cab service in lucknowat fare price.

You have number of options in your plate to spend joyful life while visiting the famous place around the city. The whole trip is supported by qualified and experience cab driver on booking the Cab rental in Lucknow services. We are committed to provide full comfort so that you hassle free enjoy view of the place. We support when it comes anything related to the travel and visit. Our professional driver provide best commute that you enjoy trip at the best.

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Lucknow to Varanasi
Compact-Rs.4091 | Sedan-Rs.4551 | SUV-Rs.5430
Lucknow to Gorakhpur
Compact-Rs.3221 | Sedan-Rs.3710 | SUV-Rs.4562
Lucknow to Sultanpur
Compact-Rs.1650 | Sedan-Rs.1960 | SUV-Rs.2950
Lucknow to Sitapur
Compact-Rs.1450 | Sedan-Rs.1750 | SUV-Rs.2750
Lucknow to Nainital
Compact-Rs.3888 | Sedan-Rs.4080 | SUV-Rs.5563
Lucknow to Ghazibad
Compact-Rs.4975 | Sedan-Rs.5240 | SUV-Rs.7375
Lucknow to Kanpur
Compact-Rs.1250 | Sedan-Rs.1350 | SUV-Rs.1550
Lucknow to Barielly
Compact-Rs.2671 | Sedan-Rs.2867 | SUV-Rs.3850
Lucknow to Agra
Compact-Rs.4291 | Sedan-Rs.4551 | SUV-Rs.5430
Lucknow to Chandigarh
Compact-Rs.7053 | Sedan-Rs.7456 | SUV-Rs.10838
Lucknow to Gurugram
Compact-Rs.5185 | Sedan-Rs.5464 | SUV-Rs.7725
Lucknow to Noida
Compact-Rs.6203 | Sedan-Rs.6615 | SUV-Rs.9030
Lucknow to Allahabad
Compact-Rs.2350 | Sedan-Rs.2450 | SUV-Rs.3074
Lucknow to Raibareilly
Compact-Rs.1550 | Sedan-Rs.1750 | SUV-Rs.2150
Lucknow to Mirzapur
Compact-Rs.3812 | Sedan-Rs.4179 | SUV-Rs.5114
Lucknow to Rampur
Compact-Rs.3423 | Sedan-Rs.3584 | SUV-Rs.4788
Lucknow to Jaunpur
Compact-Rs.2928 | Sedan-Rs.3056 | SUV-Rs.3963
Lucknow to Dehli
Compact-Rs.5163 | Sedan-Rs.5440 | SUV-Rs.7688