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Haridwar is a pilgrimage place for Hindus. Life around the ancient destination revolves around the Hindu Gods Shiva and Vishnu. It is a holy place because the river Ganges first touches the city of Haridwar and then goes to the rest of India. People come here for performing many religious duties such as offering pooja, attending Ganga aarti at Har kipauri and other religious obligation that one has to go through it. If you have plan to visit the city, we have best taxi service in Haridwar which is ready to cut route problem as per booking.

You just need to focus on the main purpose of being in Haridwar as we will take care of other aspect of the journey. Once you are done the online booking process of cab service in Haridwar, your demanded car with experienced and well-behaved driver arrive at doorstep to pick you. We are dedicatedly working for easing road trip at attractive fare so that you just fulfill the main motive of coming in Haridwar.

As per analysis, figure shows most of the people when visiting sacred places become so irritate and tired of journey that they anyhow want to back home at earliest. Taxiyatri put all its effort to simplify road trip so that you enjoy the surroundings that comes in between the path. We offer a online simple booking platform for car rental in Haridwar, where you have preferences of choosing taxi as per comfort. You have full opportunity to decide your pickup place, service type, car type and timings. When you Book taxi online for Haridwar, no timing constraints play here instead when all set up, you can book car at the eleventh hour with out any error in services. Together we explore the city in the better way.

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Haridwar to New Delhi
Compact-Rs.2537 | Sedan-Rs.2670 | SUV-Rs.3314
Haridwar to Gurugram
Compact-Rs.3030 | Sedan-Rs.3250 | SUV-Rs.4010
Haridwar to Jalandhar
Compact-Rs.4611 | Sedan-Rs.4780 | SUV-Rs.5850
Haridwar to Chandigarh
Compact-Rs.2537 | Sedan-Rs.2670 | SUV-Rs.3210
Haridwar to Noida
Compact-Rs.2435 | Sedan-Rs.2670 | SUV-Rs.3314
Haridwar to Bareilly
Compact-Rs.3149 | Sedan-Rs.3390 | SUV-Rs.4178
Haridwar to Ludhiana
Compact-Rs.3456 | Sedan-Rs.3750 | SUV-Rs.4150
Haridwar to Amritsar
Compact-Rs.5430 | Sedan-Rs.5971 | SUV-Rs.7625
Haridwar to Jaipur
Compact-Rs.5201 | Sedan-Rs.7501 | SUV-Rs.9332