48 hours in the foothill of Himalaya -(Dehradun)

Situated on the foothills of mighty Himalayas, Dehradun is one of the most popular among Uttrakhand’s tourist places. People who love hills and valley must have already planned a trip through the places to visit in Dehradun. Two scared Indian rivers Ganga and Yamuna, followed by scenic districts.

 There are many places for local sightseeing in Dehradun. To experience the best sightseeing experience here book the most affordable cab service in Dehradun that is TaxiYatri. We offer a flexible cab package including one way trip from Delhi to Dehradun, round trip (of 48 hours).

Let’s see what all you can do in Dehradun for the next 48 hours. 

Day 1 

1. Tapkeshwar temple 

Tapkeshwar temple Dehradun

This temple is 34 Km away from Dehradun airport, 30 Km from Dehradun railway station and it would be the ideal location to start with after taking the blessing of Hindu God and goddesses. The ancient temple is on the bank of the Asan river and inside the Drona cave. One of the main attractions of the place is its Shivalinga, which is continuously bathed by the water that is coming from the cave.

From the airport, you can take a bus to this temple but there is no direct bus you need to change at least 3 buses to reach her. The best option is car hire.

From the railway station, you can get a three Wheeler auto but they will ask you more than a cab. So, in that case, you can take a local sightseeing package from TaxiYatri.

2. Robbers Cave 

If you have a habit of waking up early in the morning then this place is for you. Wake up at 6:30 Am and visit Robber’s cave. This place is popularly known as Guchhupani, this place is 8 Km away from the main city and situated near a small village known as Aamwala. You can reach this amazing place either by local bus but they are very crowded if you are looking for comfort then going by bus is not a convenient option. You can book an affordable taxi service in Dehradun to visit this place.

When the first ray of the Sun reflects on the outer wall of caves it implies the beauty of robbers caves.

3. Sahastradhara

This place is situated 11 Km from Dehradun city, the water of this scenic waterfall is known for its medicinal benefits. A dip in this waterfall is known to cure many stubborn skin ailments. After you take a refreshing bath, just sit on a rock and enjoy the beauty of this place.

4. Mindrolling Monastery 

After visiting Sahastradhara, visit this holy temple which is situated in clement town this place is 9KM away from Dehradun. The present-day structure was constructed in 1965 by Khochhen Rinpoche. The monastery is one of the finest specimens of Tibetan architecture in India. Get ready to look as high as you can as this Stupa is 220 ft tall.

5. Paltan Bazaar 

The amazing yummy softy of Galloyds will make you feel refreshed for some time. You can have a great lunch at this place as this place is quite affordable. So head straight to Paltan bazaar which is shopping mecca of Dehradun. The bazaar is full of enthusiastic shoppers. While roaming in the market you will get to see a six-faced clock tower. 

From here you can go to your hotel and relax for some time. Next day you can go to Mussoorie. Reaching thier is quite easy as it just 40 KM from Dehradun. There are two ways of reaching Mussoorie either by bus or you can do car hire; there are no deluxe buses on this route. So traveling in buses can be pathetic. Book a TaxiYatri outstation taxi for Mussoorie and enjoy the amazing Seneric view between Dehradun and Mussoorie.

Day 2: Trip to Mussoorie

Mussoorie taxi

After having a proper rest at night you can start your journey for Mussoorie. In the way, you will pass through scenic villages, beautiful valleys, and streams. After a couple of hours’ drive, you will be welcomed to Mussoorie by the mist of cotton buds. Enjoy the amazing beauty of Mussoorie visit Lal Tibba and Camel’s back. Don’t check what time of the year it is, Dehradun is an amazing tourist destination of all season. Book your cab to Dehradun with TaxiYatri astounded by its natural beauty and pleasant climate. From making the booking to reaching the destination in our outstation taxi, you will be glad you chose us for your trip. Enjoy hassle-free travel by booking our cab service in Dehradun.

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